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They are sleeping. active teaching , He%27s eating., They are cutting paper., They are swimming., She is reading., He%27s sewing. assess performance , We %27re singing. distance learning , They are crying., They are drinking tea. invite students , We are playing football., She%27s painting., She%27s writing a letter., She is cooking. , He%27s running. language , He%27s phoning his friend., She is walking., I am buying a newspaper. quiz generator , He is standing next to the window., We are jumping., You are lying on .the beach., We are calculating., I%27m laughing., They are sitting in the kitchen., We are dancing.,

Ona maluje., Smieje sie. interactive learning , On biegnie., Ona pisze list., Oni siedza w kuchni., On szyje., Gramy w pilke nozna., On dzwoni do przyjaciela., On stoi kolo okna., Ona gotuje. , Lezysz na plazy. e-learning , Ona spaceruje., Ona czyta., Oni plywaja. printable , Oni spia., My spiewamy., My liczymy., My tanczymy., My skaczemy. educational games , Oni placza., Oni tna papier. online quizzes , Oni pija herbate., Kupuje gazete., On je. quiz builder ,