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Chapter 16

We ask for God%27s mercy by saying, We learn about God%27s forgiveness by listening to, If we want God%27s forgiveness we need to, The unforgiving servant did not show, Mass and the celebrations of sacraments is called, After he was shot, Pope John Paul II prayer to, Liturgy is another name for class website , Another word for sins or wrong doings is, Peace, We can get the strength to forgive others by, The lesson we learn from %22The Unforgiving Servant %22 is to, Jesus taught about forgiving others in the parable of online , Jesus tells us to forgive others, We are guided in how to forgive others by the, Mass is a , Pope John Paul II told us that when we forgive someone ,

celebration, Church., praying., %22The Unforgiving Servant%22, worship educational games , %22Forgive us our trespasses.%22 educational games , liturgy, trespasses., we receive peace, an endless number of times, mercy., forgive others., is a calm, good feeling of being with God, forgive others from out heart., Mary, Mother of God, readings from the Bible online quizzes ,