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IBF Lesson 4: Languages %26 Plug-Ins

Crossword hints:
An open set of technologies for integrating components on the Internet and within Microsoft applications., Small programs written in Java, which are downloaded as needed and executed within a Web page or browser., Storage space on a computer hard disk used to temporarily store downloaded data., Always changing, Reaching to particular user actions of the browser%27s completion of a specific task., A program that provides visual navigation with menus and screen icons, and performs automated functions when users click command buttons., The characteristic of some hardware and software, such as computers, games and multimedia systems, that allows them to respond differently based on a user%27s actions., An object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that is fully cross-platform functional., An interpreted, object-based scripting language developed by Netscape Communications that adds interactivity to Web pages., The Netscape developed scripting language that was the predecessor to JavaScript., A standard computer interface for creating and playing electronic music. It allows computers to re-create music in digital format for playback., An element on a Web page that contains data and procedures for how that item will react when activated. On a Web page, this item is typically a multimedia presentation., Programming concept based on objects and data and how they relate to one another, insteaf of logic and actions; C%2b%2b and Java are these languages., A program installed in the browser to extend its basic functionality. Allows different file formats to be viewed as part of a standard HTML document., A continuous flow of data, usuallu audio or video files, that assists with the uninterrupted delivery of those files into a browser., The Microsoft graphical user interface (GUI) programming language used for developing Windows applications. A modified version of the BASIC programming language., Scripting language from Microsoft, derived from Visual Basic; used to manipulate Active X scripts.,

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