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Verbs:both active and dynamic

1. Julie_#_what her next step will be.
thinks, is thinking, Answer_3_(optional),
2. I_ #_a big problem if the rain is not going to stop
are, are being, Answer_3_(optional),
3. I_#_that 4 cups of coffee a day is the maximum,
is having, has, Answer_3_(optional),
4. I really think that you_#_stupid.
have, are having, Answer_3_(optional),
5. I _#_something I know you will like!
am seeing, see grading , Answer_3_(optional),
6. I understand. I _#_what you mean.
am seeing, see, Answer_3_(optional),
7. Roberto_#_that politics are always dirty
am seeing, see, Answer_3_(optional),
8. Tonight our neighbours_#_a party with lots of guests
tastes, is tasting, Answer_3_(optional),
9. I_#_Angela next week.
was tasting, tasted, Answer_3_(optional),
10. They all know Big Brother_#_a stupid program.
tastes, is tasting, Answer_3_(optional),
11. The soup_#_ very bad.
have, am having dynamic quiz , Answer_3_(optional),
12. Ana_#_two kids, a dog and a big house
is being, is, Answer_3_(optional),
13. The coffee this morning _#_ really fantastic.
am thinking, think, Answer_3_(optional),
14. The car is coming around the corner: I_#_it now.
am having, have, Answer_3_(optional),