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NT Lesson 3

Crossword hints:
A recording of network activity, obtained through documentation and monitoring, that serves as an example for comparing future network activity., A cache of memory used by a computer to store frequently used data, and allow for faster access times., U UNIX program that is usually initiated at startup and runs in the background until required,, The three-level domain name hierarchy (root-level, top-level and second-level domains) that forms the DNS., A program that provides visual navigation with menus and screen icons, and performs automated functions when users click command buttons., The artificial computer that runs Java programs and allows the same code to run on different platforms., A varible value, such as a numeric code, that uses an algorithm to encrypt and decrypt data. , A protocol that enables operating systems to map file name extensions to corresponding applications. Also used by applications to automatically process downloaded from the Internet,, Identifies the contents of a file in the MIME encoding system using a type/subtype format, examples are image/jpg and text/plain., On Usenet, a subject or other topical interest group whose members exchange ideas and opinions. Participants post a receive messages via a news server., Characterized by providing free source code to the development community at large to develop a better product, includes Apache Web server, Netscape Communicator and Linux., Instructions given by an operating system or server (or a combination) that restrict or allow access to system resources, such as files,. user databases and system processes., A mechanism that stores print requests until they are passed to a printing device., A protocol that provides authentication and encryption, used for most servers for secure exchange over the Internet. Surpassed by Transport Layer Security (TLS)., A small Java application that runs on a server., Secure version of MIME that adds encryption to MIME data., Audio and video files that travel over a network in real time., A language used to create and maintain professional, high-performance corporate databases,, A collection of thousands of internet computers, newsgroups, and newsgroup members using Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) to exchange information,, A file containing a set of instructions for resolving a specific domain name into its numerical IP address., A file containing a set of instructions for resolving a specific domain name into its numerical IP address.,

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