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Y5: Chumash Skills: עָבַר verbs - Level 1

כָּתְבָה, שָׁלַחְתִּי, חָלַם multiple choice questions , שָׁלְחָה, שָׁלַח, כָּתַבְתָּ, חָלַמְתִּי, חָלַמְתָּ, כָּתַבְתִּי, כָּתַב, חָלַמְתְּ, שָׁלַחְנוּ, חָלָמָה, כָּתְבוּ, חָלְמוּ, כָּתַבְתְּ, חָלַמְנוּ, כָּתַבְנוּ,

she dreamed, She wrote, we dreamed, You wrote (male) (sing), I dreamed class web page , they dreamed, You wrote (fem) (sing), I wrote, We wrote, You dreamed (male) (sing), He wrote online learning games , I sent, We sent, You dreamed (fem) (sing), They wrote, She sent, he dreamed dynamic quiz , He sent,