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Simple present vs present progressive 2 Lesson 3

Using the words in parentheses, complete the text below with the appropriate tenses. (Simple present or present progressive)

1. Do not give regular icecream to Peter, he # lactose intolerant.
comes, is coming, Answer_3_(optional),
2. I # in God.
practices, is practicing school , Answer_3_(optional),
3. She # from a Jewish family.
rains, is raining, Answer_3_(optional)stimulate your students ,
4. It # cats and dogs. I belive we should stay home tonight
works, is working, Answer_3_(optional),
5. Please, make silence. My baby #.
brings, is bringing crossword maker , Answer_3_(optional),
6. Jeremy # his lunch to school every day.
think, am thinking assess performance , Answer_3_(optional),
7. We # to San Francisco next weekend.
sleeps, is sleeping, Answer_3_(optional),
8. You will not find my brother home. He # late.
is, is being, Answer_3_(optional),
9. I # he is a very smart person.
travel, are traveling, Answer_3_(optional),