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Y3 Vocab 6 (Vayeiro 18:1-6)

ראה crossword maker , בָּקָר, רץ, עשׂה, אֹהֶל, מהר, רֶגֶל, עבר, רחץ, עַיִן, אמר, עֶבֶד, יּוֹם, עֵץ, ישׁב, פֶּתַח, חֵן, אַדוֹן, פַת, שְׁלֹשָׁה, חֹם, דבר online ,

favour, tree, sit, say, cattle, servant, feet distant learning , do/ make, bread, day class web page , see, speak, entrence online quizzes , tent, master, heat, pass, run, three, eye, hurry, wash,