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Vocabulary- Careers

Income learning , An example of earned income, An example of unearned income, Earned Income, Expenses, Wages results , Gross Pay, Deductions computer assisted language learning , COLA, FI CA, Unearned income, Net pay, Examples of benefits, Examples of pay periods, Benefits quiz generator , Pay Period class website ,

Money recieved from sources other than work, Money taken out to cover expenses such as benefits, Cost of living adjustment, an increase on pay to meet inflation teacher , Items besides money that are given to you for working, tax that covers social security and medicare, The amount of money you are paid after deductions, Health care, retirement plans and stock, Money earned from working a particular amount of time, Money recieved from working, $10 for mowing the lawn, Money that goes out to pay for things, How often you are paid, The amount of money that you are paid before deductions, weekly, monthly, biweekly, semimonthly, Money that comes from working and other sources, $20 for your birhtday,