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Vocabulary game 3 Lesson 2

1. web 2.0 An organization uses the money it earns to help people instead of making a profit
factory save time , non-profit, supermarket, profitable
2. To take goods, letters, packages, etc. to a particular place or person
sell active teaching , arise, deliver, overlook
3. english A subject or problem that is often discussed or argued about
decision, supply multiple choice questions , border, issue
4. To begin to happen
arise, finish, trick, disapear
5. A polite word or expression that you use instead of a more direct one to avoid shocking or upsetting someone
politeness, apology, excuse, euphemism
6. To produce a smell, light etc., or to show a particular quality
send, emanate, give, receive
7. To not notice something, or not see how important it is
understand, emanate, overlook, euphemism
8. The things that a person or animal does
emanate, issue, supply, behavior
9. Something that is very important because what happens in the future depends on it
arise online learning games , critical, gather, reusable
10. To provide people with something that they need or want, especially regularly over a long period of time
afford, offer, supply, quit
11. A meeting of a group of people
non-profit, declaration, enterprise, gathering