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Vocabulary game 2 Lesson 2

Elder invite students , Deliver, Supply, Border, Behavior / Behaviour, Swahili, Non-profit, Gathering, Provocatice, Arise, Emanate, Issue, Overlook, Critical, Sexual intercourse, Euphemism,

a language widely used in East Africa and the Congo region learning , to provide people with something they might need or want learning , caussing discussion, thoughts, arguments, an aged person, to begin to happen interactive learning , a meeting of a gropu of people, to take goods to a particular place or person , a subject or problem that is often dicussed or argued about computer assisted language learning , the official line that separetes two contries, states, or areas, crucial, decisive, vital, polite word or expression used intead of a more direct one, not to notice how important something might be create online quizzes , to produce a smell, light, etc dynamic quiz , orgazization that uses the money to help people, not for profit class page , physical sexual contact between individuals involving genitalia, things that a person or animal does distant learning ,