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Complete the sentences Lesson 2

Choose the correct answer using the present progressive form of the verb.

1. My mother # my brother. (to visit)
are watching, is watching, watch, watches,
2. Oscar and Iri # (to kiss)
makes, made, is making, am making,
3. Susan and Ann # on a bench. (to sit)
are siting, is siting, are sitting, is sitting,
4. Tatiana # at the University of Miami. (to work)
propoese, proposed, will propose, is proposing,
5. Lucia and Mario # gifts. (to exchange)
am reading, is reading, are reading class web page , have read,
6. I # a great book. (to read)
is visiting, visit, visits, will visit,
7. They # a movie together. (to watch)
works, work, is working, will be working,
8. Robert # a special dish for my birthday. (to cook)
exchanges, is exchanging, exchange, are exchanging,
9. Isabela # bubbles. (to make)
cooks, is cooking generate answer keys , are cooking, will be cooking,