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Ch. 25 Review

1. Give a shorter, wider (broader) look
Lines, Vertical Lines, Horizontal lines, Diagonal Lines
2. Which is not an element of design?
Balance crossword maker , Line, Texture, Color
3. Which is not a principle of design?
Line, Rhythm, Balance, Emphasis
4. Give a taller, slender look
Vertical lines, Horizontal lines, Diagonal lines, Curved lines
5. generate answer keys The feel of clothing
Texture, Rhythm, Proportion, Line
6. This shape in fashion follows the body%27s outline
Natural , Tubular, Bell, Full
7. This shape in fashion is rectagular with vertical emphasis
Full, Tubular, Bell, Natural
8. english This shape in fashion has more horizontal and curved lines
Full, Bell, Tubular, Natural
9. Style of something that is currently popular
Illusion, Classic, Clothing, Fashion
10. Something that can influence or lead the eye to see something that does not exist
Illusionweb page, Trend teacher , Fashion, Fad
11. Sometimes called a silhouette
Shape, Space, Texture, Color
12. printable Can be divided by accessories, decorative trim, %26 seams
Space, Shape, Line, Texture
13. Lightness or darkeness of a color
Value, Intensity, Color, Warmth
14. How bright or dull a color appears
Intensity, Value, Texture, Shape
15. This shape in fashion combines diagonal %26 horizontal lines
Bell, Tubular, Full, Natural
16. results Refers to how separate parts of an outfit relate to each other and to the whole outfit
Proportion, Emphasis, Harmony, Rhythm