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Chag: Y5 Purim Quiz

1. If Purim falls on a Sunday, when is Ta%27anis Esther?
Thursday before (11 Adar), Friday before (12 Adar), Shabbos before (13 Adar), Monday (15 Adar)
2. What date is Purim?
13th Adar, 14th Adar, 15th Adar, 16th Adar
3. learning In a leap year, when does Purim fall?
14th Adar Sheini, 14th Adar Rishon, 14th February, 29th Adar Rishon
4. When is Shushan Purim?
13th Adar, 14th Adar, 15th Adar, 16th Adar
5. On which date is Purim celebrated in Yerushalayim?
13th Adar, 14th Adar, 15th Adar, 16th Adar
6. Why is %22Shushan Purim%22 on a different date to %22normal%22 Purim?
In the story, the Jews of Shushan were still fighting till the next day, Because Yerushalayim has a wall around it, Because Shushan was the capital of the Persian Empire, Shushan %26 Yerushalayim both had walls since Yehoshua%27s time
7. On Parshas Zochor, the Shabbos before Purim, we read about the battle with Amolek. What has Parshas Zochor got to do with Purim?
Homon is descended from Amolek, King Agog is descended from Amolek, Sho%27ul had mercy on Agog, Moshe held his hands up in the battle with Amolek
8. short answer questions Who wrote the Megillah?
Esther %26 Mordechai, Achashveirosh, Scribes of the king, Esther%27s son, Daryovesh (Darius)
9. The miracle of Purim was a %22hidden miracle%22. Which major character%27s name is deliberately left out of the Megillah to remind us of this idea?
HaShem, Mordechai, Bigson, Vashti
10. Which of these represent the true series of events in history?
1st BHM%22K, Purim, 2nd BHM%22K, Chanuka, 1st BHM%22K, Chanuka, 2nd BHM%22K, Purim, Purim, 1st BHM%22K, Chanuka, 2nd BHM%22K, Chanuka, 1st BHM%22K, Purim, 2nd BHM%22K
11. Where would you find Megillas Esther?
Torah, Neviim, Kesuvim, Gemoro
12. What do we add in bentching and amidoh on Purim?
(עַל הַנִּסִּים (בִּימֵי מַתִּתְיָֽהוּ, (עַל הַנִּסִּים (בִּימֵי מָרְדְּכַי, יַעֲלֶה וְיָבֹא, (עַל הַנִּסִּים (בִּימֵי אֶסְתֵּר
13. How many brochos do we say before and after the Megillah is read?
3 before, 1 after, 1 before, 3 after, 2 before, 1 after, 2 before, 3 after
14. When must we hear the Megillah?
At night, In the morning, At night and then again next morning, In the morning and then again that night
15. What special halocho must we remember throughout the entire reading of the Megillah?
You must hear every word of the Megillah clearly, You must make a noise at every %22Homon%22, You must understand every word that is said, You must be smiling very widely throughout the entire reading
16. learning The person leyning the Megillah for everyone has to read the Megillah from...
A scroll written by a Sofer on parchment, A scroll written by a Sofer on paper, A Sefer Torah written by a Sofer on parchment, Any parchment: a Megillah does not need to be written by a Sofer
17. How many verses of the Megillah are read out loud by everyone in Shul?
1, 2, 3, 4
18. Which halocho do you have to remember when making Mishloach Monos?
The food items have to be ready to eat, You should put at least one greggor inside, It should be nosh: you cannot have things like fruits/veggies, The food items must be shehakol or mezonos
19. How many different items of food must be given in Mishloach Monos?
1, 2, 3, 4
20. save time What is the minimum number of people to whom you must give Mishloach Monos to in order to fulfill your mitzvah?
1, 2, 3, 4
21. When must Mishloach Monos be given?
In the daytime after reading of the Megilloh, In the nighttime, before reading the Megilloh interactive learning , Whenever you see the person, as long as it%27s before Purim, As soon as you see the person after Purim
22. What is the minimum number of people to whom you must give Matonos Le’evyonim (money to poor) in order to fulfill your mitzvah?
1, 2, 3, 4
23. When must you give the money to poor people in order to fulfill your mitzvah of Matonos L%27evyonim?
Any time, as long as it%27s before Purim, Any time on the day of Purim itself, Any time in the night of Purim after the Megillah is read, Any time during the meal (e.g. during %27spieling%27)
24. When must the Seudah (meal) of Purim begin?
It must start during the day, after Mincha, It must start from immediately after Megillah is read (morning), It must start at least 30 minutes after nightfall, It must start just after nightfall
25. There is Kriyas Hatorah (leining from the Torah) on the morning of Purim, before the Megillah is read). What do we lein?
The story of Amolek’s attack on B’nei Yisroel in the midbor, The story of Sho%27ul having mercy on Agog, King of Amolek, The part of the Torah dealing with halochos of Purim, All of V%27zos Habrocho and the first perek of Beraishis
26. Why is there a minhag to read the names of Homon%27s 10 sons in one breath?
Because they were all hanged at the same time, Because they were all equally as evil, Because they can%27t breath anymore, Because Homon signed the decree to kill us without pausing
27. What does %22Machatsis Hashekel%22 mean?
Half a shekel, A shekel, The memory of the money, The donation to HaShem
28. dynamic quiz When is the minhag to give our “Machatsis Hashekel”?
Erev Purim, Purim, at night, Purim, during the day, On the Erev Shabbos before Purim
29. How many “half shekel” coins are given for %22Machatsis Hashekel%22?
1, 2, 3, 4
30. Instead of giving half an actual shekel for %22Machatsis Hashekel%22, what is our minhag in England?
Give three 50p coins online education , Give a 50p coin and £1 coin, Give £1, Give 3 Shekel
31. What must the money for %22Machatsis Hashekel%22 be used for?
To help poor people, To build our playground, For the mitzvos of Purim (like the Seuda), To build the Beis Hamikdosh
32. Why do we dress up on Purim? 3 real reasons are given below, and 1 wrong answer has dressed up as a correct answer. Spot the WRONG answer!
It was a hidden miracle - events could be seen as coincidences, Hashem’s name is not mentioned - He is hidden so we %22hide%22, Esther did not reveal her true identity/Judaism to King Ashy, Homon dressed up in the king%27s clothes when he led the horse