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it is (it%27s), it, they are, he is (he%27s), they aren%27t (they are not), Are you...?, Is she...? short answer questions , Are they...?, we, you aren%27t (you are not) activity , we are (we%27re), I am (I%27m), I%27m not (I am not), she isn%27t (she is not), they, Am I...?, we aren%27t (we are not), Is it...? create online tests , he isn%27t (he is not) print quizzes , it isn%27t (it is not), I , she, he, you, Are we...?, you are (you%27re), Is he...?, she is (she%27s),

on jest, on, Czy ona jest...?, my nie jestesmy, oni sa one sa, my, Czy on jest...?, my jestesmy, ona nie jest, ty nie jestes wy nie jestescie, oni nie sa one nie sa, ono jest , Czy ty jestes...? Czy wy jestescie...?, ja nie jestem, ono, to, ty jestes, wy jestescie, oni one, Czy ja jestem...?, Czy ono jest...?, ja, Czy oni sa...? Czy one sa...?, on nie jest crossword maker , ja jestem, ona, ono nie jest, ona jest, ty wy, Czy my jestesmy...?,