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.01 Prep A, 5-Note Scales, Tonic %26 Dominant, terms

Tonic %26 Dominant in E, Tonic %26 Dominant in F, piano, A Major 5-Note Scale, E Major 5-Note Scale, G Major 5-Note Scale, C Major 5-Note Scale, Tonic %26 Dominant in G, ritardando, forte, Tonic %26 Dominant in C, staccato, F Major 5-Note Scale school , legato, D Major 5-Note Scale, Tonic %26 Dominant in D,

A B C# D E, C %26 G, G A B C D, detached or disconnected, F %26 C, soft, C D E F G, loud, D %26 A interactive , E F# G# A B, gradually slowing down, smooth %26 connected, F G A Bb C, G %26 D, D E F# G A, E %26 B,