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Chinese Cooking Terms Test II

This is a test. You can only take it ONCE. DO NOT click through this like a video game. Type in the term to match the definition for Chinese Cooking Terms.

1. Cooking food by covering it in hot oil until the outside is crispy. (2 words)
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2. Chinese cooking method where food is chopped into small pieces and cooked in oil in a wok. (2 words)
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3. Invented 3,000 years ago. It is made from fermented soy beans. (2 words)
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4. Crunchy vegetable grown in marshes. (2 words)
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5. Chinese eating utensils.
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6. A deep large fry pan used in China.
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7. Edible pods common to Asian cooking. (2 words)
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8. Round shallow basket made from bamboo used to surround food with hot air to cook it.
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9. Edible grain of a plant grown in Asia.
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10. Spice that comes from a root of a plant. Common in Chinese and Indian cooking.
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11. Chinese dumplings - either fried, steamed, or boiled. (1 word - singular - not plural)
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