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EFINT Relationships and Phrasal Verbs and Revision 1-5

I%27ll PAY YOU BACK the money I owe you on Friday., He was SENT OFF the field after committing a foul., We GET ON WELL WITH each other., Can you PICK ME UP from the station at 11?, We are RUNNING OUT OF coffee. Remember to buy some., It%27s important to WARM UP before you go jogging., I BROKE UP with my girl friend. We just don%27t get along., My daughter has FALLEN OUT with her best friend. , We were friends at school but have since LOST TOUCH. , I USED TO take the bus. save time , I really FANCY a girl I met at the disco last Saturday night., We had fallen out but have since MADE UP with one another., I have recently GIVEN UP smoking., Jane DUMPED her boyfriend last night., If you want to lose weight, CUT DOWN ON sweets., I TAKE AFTER my father. interactive ,

His daughter had an argument with her friend., to do light exercise before the heavy exercise, reduce the amount of, She ended her relationship with him., I have my father%27s personality/ features., told to leave the field, We have lost contact with one another., We were angry with one another but now we are friends again., stopped doing this habit, We have a good relationship., He ended his relationship with her., come to collect me, In the past I did, but I don%27t do this now., finishing the supply of, return the money I owe you, I am attracted to her.,