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IBF: Lesson 5: Database %26 Boolean Actions

one-to-one relationship, OR, *, one-to-mnany relationship, FIeld, Database, %22 %22, Common Field, AND web 2.0 , Foreign Key, NOT, NEAR, Record, Primary Key, Relational Database, %2b,

A record can have multiple matching records in another table, Root word can include variations in spelling (wildcard), A record can have only one matching record in another table, Key words must appear in phrases in the order specified, Results must include a specified word, Field in a related table that refers to primary key in another table, Results must exclude a specified word, A category of information in a table, A Field that is connected in 2 or more tables distant learning , 2 Keywords on a page must be within proximity to each other, Results must include both words, Results must include at least one of the words, Collection of data can be sorted %26 searched using algorithms, Collection of information about specific entity, person, etc, Field containing a value that identifies each record in a table, Database Contains multiple tables related thro common field ,