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Word Matching game

Click on one of the white tiles on the left side containing a word. Click another tab in the right side containing the matching definition or word. Keep picking tiles until all have been matched. When you are done, click on the %22NEXT%22 button. Time limit is 5 minuts.

Filthy, Hibernate, Starve, Threat, Shelter, Crop, Bat create online quizzes , Sight, Spread, Cave, Release, Pollinate quiz generator , Survival, Basement, Fur, Groom, Toe, Bounce print quizzes , Feed,

to move up or away from a surface after hitting it, to give food to a person or animal , a plant that is grown by farmers and used as food , to suffer or die because you do not have enough to eat , to let someone go free, after having kept them somewhere , a small animal like a mouse with wings that flies around at night , to clean and brush an animal, especially a horse mix questions , to sleep for the whole winter , to give a flower or plant pollen so that it can produce seeds, a large natural hole in the side of a cliff, or under the ground , very dirty , the thick soft hair that covers the bodies of some animals, the state of continuing to live or exist , the physical ability to see; vision, to become larger or move so that it affects larger areas, a room or area in a building that is under the level of the ground , a place to live, considered as one of the basic needs of life print quizzes , when you tell someone that you will cause them harm print quizzes , one of the five movable parts at the end of your foot ,