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Simple Present

Use information provided in brackets to chose the correct answer. Simple Present.

1. They # soccer at school. (to play)
swim, swims, doesn%27t swim, does not swim,
2. They # their new home. (to like)
love, loves, loved, didn%27t love,
3. She # every weekend. (to swim)
likes, like, does like,
4. Oscar # very handsome. (to be)
is, are, are not, is not,
5. Emma and Phil # married. (not/to be)
can%27t speak, can%27t speaks, don%27t speak online quizzes , do not speak,
6. New York # many interesting sites. (to have)
don%27t eat, don%27t eats, doesn%27t eats, doesn%27t eat,
7. An active life style # you stay healthy. (to help)
are, is, can be, can%27t be,
8. Peter # Portuguese. (can/not/to speak)
does not help, doesn%27t help, helps, help,
9. They # running marathons. (to love)
have, don%27t have, has, doesn%27t have,