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simple present continuous

1. I will not come home for dinner: I_#_till late,
coming, come, going,
2. Rogerio_#_in Matto Grosso.
having, eating activity , have,
3. Tonight we will_#_fish intead of meat at dinner.
having, being, have,
4. Sonia_#_in a bookshop in the weekend
is coming, is going, goes,
5. It_#_a lot in the Amazone.
is raining, rains, rain,
6. Esmeralda_#_long, dark hair
lives, is living, has living,
7. We are really_#_a problem!
have, get, am having,
8. Regina_#_to Agua Branca every Sunday
is having, has, have,
9. Marco_#_to the market to buy greens and fruits.
goes, comes, is going,
10. Elena_#_to the hairdresser to have her hair done.
comes, works, is working,
11. Ana_#_in God.
comes, goes crossword maker , is going,
12. Eduardo_#_to Paris every summer.
is believing, believing, beliefs,
13. I_#_a party next Friday.
work, am working test , be working,
14. Hugo always_#_about his family.
talk, talks, is talking create online activities ,