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Match the verb forms with the correct tense!

Present tense simple, Present tense progressive, Past simple, Present perfect simple,

He is running., They%27ve done the housework., at the moment, She doesn%27t know the answer., He ran back home., They did the homework., already, We can win., invite students He runs quickly., She is doing the homework., class page yesterday, They are playing in the garden., He has run., Every day she does the homework., online activities every day, We haven%27t finished yet., She eats many sweets., for, just, I don%27t speak French., create online quizzes She%27s eaten many sweets., since, at present, help students assimilate material She didn%27t buy the car., She is eating an apple., ago, usually, She hasn%27t had the exam., She ate some sweets., now, educational games when I was a baby, He is listening to music.,