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False Cognates 1

1. Spouses and dependents are also _____________ for dental benefits.
admissible, eligible distant learning , receivable, illegible
2. I would like to ______________ you not to waste too much time.
warn, warning, advertise, announce
3. teacher I will look in my ________ to see if I%27m free that day.
agenda, appointment book, timer, address book
4. My _______________ supervisor just celebrated her 30th birthday.
ancient, old, former, eldest
5. The meeting is compulsory. All employees must ______ it.
wait for, attend, help, go
6. How many people were ____________ in the accident?
blessed, hurted class web page , injure, hurt
7. ________ was on my side last night; I won $1 millions in the lotto!
chance, lucky, luck, chances
8. web pageThe guest speaker%27s ________ was short but very interesting.
conference, lecture, speech, presentation
9. The box is not strong enough to hold the gold - it%27s made of __________ .
carton, cardboard, cartoon, board