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1. The safety committee’s report recommended that all medicines # out of the children’s reach.
Teens are the fastest-growing group on social networks., Social networking is beneficial for teens., Most teens have an online identity., Teens spend an average of 2,000 hours online annually.,
2. What are most teenagers said to use social networking sites for?
an interview, research, a social networking site, the University of California,
3. There seems no end to the civil war in Sinolia, # began three years ago.
exchanging music, forming new friendships, expanding their interests, interacting with existing friends,
4. What did the research find?
to highlight an application of social networking, to make a comparison with social circles, to give an example of a shared interest, to indicate the influence of social networking,
5. “Please don’t tell anybody what happened,” Ann said to me.
Teens prefer to learn from each other., Some teens are uncomfortable learning online., Teens learn more from online media than was thought., Some teens’ online social behaviour prevents them from learning.,
6. “Do you mind if I go out on Friday evening?” “I don’t mind what you do # you let me know ahead of time.”
, ,
7. Most of the summer pond problems are easily prevented providing you are aware of what # the trouble, and how it can be overcome.
If I read his book I would understand what he was saying., If I read his book I would understand what he had been saying., If I had read his book I would have understood what he was saying., If I had read his book I would have understood what he had been saying.,
8. # with New York, London restaurants are quite cheap.
As soon as the clock struck, the doors opened., When the clock had struck, the doors opened. online , The clock struck as soon as the doors opened., The clock had struck when the doors opened.,
9. In some cultures, punctuality is critically important, whereas in # it is barely considered.
There was hardly no traffic on the road., There was hardly any traffic on the road., There wasn’t almost any traffic on the road. multiple choice questions , There was really no traffic on the road.,
10. Why does the author mention international politics?
This time tomorrow we’ll fly over the Atlantic., This time tomorrow we are flying over the Atlantic., This time tomorrow we are going to fly over the Atlantic., This time tomorrow we’ll be flying over the Atlantic.,
11. I regret informing you that as your guarantee expired last week, we can’t help you.
The waiter recommended a fish dish., The waiter advised a fish dish., The waiter proposed a fish dish., The waiter considered a fish dish.,
12. She applied for training like a pilot but they turned her down because of her poor sight.
The programs will be broadcast all night., The programs will be broadcast all night by TV companies., The programs will be broadcasted all night., The programs will be broadcasted all night by TV companies.,
13. # case, some employees find themselves looking for new jobs.
Because I didn’t have much money, so I couldn’t buy a ticket., I couldn’t buy a ticket because of having not much money., Not having much money, I couldn’t buy a ticket. learning , Having not much money, I couldn’t buy a ticket.,
14. I # a word with him after the match, and asked him how he was getting on.
They have started playing tennis in three years., They have started playing tennis for three years., They have played tennis in three years., They have been playing tennis for three years.,
15. The TV companies will broadcast the programs all night.
The gate is so closed that the children cannot run into the road., So closed is the gate that the children cannot run into the road. online quizzes , The children cannot run into the road, the gate is closed., The gate is closed so that the children cannot run into the road.,
16. Click on the part that needs correction.
Ann asked me please not to tell anybody what had happened., Ann asked me to tell not anybody what had happened., Ann asked me not to tell anybody what had happened. class web page , Ann asked me to please tell not anybody what had happened.,
17. #. Companies have also responded to
, ,
missED, shockED, raisED, reapED,
19. I see from your application form that you # three different jobs in the last five years.
thrOAt, brOAd, bOAst, tOAd,
20. What have scientists always found difficult?
Geyser, Gender, Gesture, Genius,
21. Martha came to the party in a # dress.
overhEAt, undernEAth, unlEAsh, instEAd,
22. What is probably true about Brenda Hill?
pAck, bAnd, swAmp, tAx,
23. What does “exacerbate” in the first sentence of the last paragraph mean?
2013A pic 1.png, , ,
24. Fees set by each school do # slightly, though they can be considered basically similar.
2013A pic 2.png, , ,
25. Scientists have changed their opinion about this dinosaur. # they believed it ate no meat, but now they class it as a carnivore.
create online quizzes , ,
26. Questions 24-25 refer to section C.
call Robert’s Bagels, register online, meet at a restaurant , volunteer for the full day,
27. What do you think I should do? # I take the exam now or wait till later?
, ,
28. Why does the article mention community projects?
work additional hours, look for dying trees in the city, change their normal job duties, work with volunteer planters,
29. # really annoyed me was the fact that no one offered to help.
new trees, city workers, the current drought, all trees in McKinleyville,
30. I didn’t have much money, so I couldn’t buy a ticket.
, web tool ,
31. In the fourth paragraph, what does the phrase “what we’ve got” refer to?
She is a homeowner., She lives in a rural area., She has never planted trees., She recently moved to Indiana.,
32. There wasn’t really much traffic on the road.
to water her young trees every second day, to plant her trees after a few months, to buy trees that do not need a lot of water, to find out the government regulations,
33. People of all ages enjoy strolling around the park # warm summer evenings.
, ,
34. Your biggest fear is probably the fear of making a # of yourself and this is what is making you nervous.
his youth, his experience, his professional relationships, his connection to McKinleyville,
35. # pressures by restructuring for greater
to provide an example of Alex Wylie’s expertise, to illustrate how Alex Wylie keeps a full schedule, to demonstrate Alex Wylie’s love for his work, to underscore Alex Wylie’s desire to educate the public,
36. Click on the sentence that is closest in meaning to the original sentence.
more attractive views, safer driving conditions, better water preservation, improved health for residents,
37. Few expected the new president, virtually unknown to the general public, to last # than his predecessors.
, ,
38. Click on the word in which the part in upper case is pronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions.
sections A and C, sections B and C, sections B, C and D, all sections,
Dr. Tree, Gretchen Sinclair, Brenda Hill, Alex Wylie,
40. Questions 26-28 refer to section D.
, ,
41. When she began to attend a # class, she became acutely aware of her lack of scientific knowledge.
Urged, applied for, dreamt of, it,
42. What aspect of Wylie’s career does the article emphasize?
applied for, like, turned her tool for teachers , because of,
43. What are city employees being asked to do?
informing, that as, last week,, can’t,
44. Questions 29-30 refer to sections A, B, C, and D.
was suffered, an MRI, , not to, brain damage,
45. According to Alex Wylie, what benefit do trees offer residential neighborhoods?
the number, is proposing, should, alternate,
46. Who is most likely to attend the tree planting on October 6th?
2013A pic 3.png, , ,
47. The gate is closed to stop the children running into the road.
dramatic climate change, global warming, results of a recent study, high levels of carbon dioxide,
48. #. This sort of change within a company usually means that unnecessary jobs are cut, or that fewer employees must do more work. In
It was sparked by global warming., It will set off other environmental events., The US was unprepared for it. online activities , it developed faster than expected.,
49. It was time for him to return and it was arranged that Anne and Sarah who were both free would see him # at the station.
studying cloud behaviour, estimating the effects of CO2 on global warming, estimating how clouds affect global warming, calculating the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere,
50. Read the following passage and click on the correct word for each of the blanks from 71 to 80. Employees in many countries change jobs more often than previous generations of workers. They don’t expect to find a job with a company that will take care of them for the
Heat causes thick clouds to break up into small clouds., Heat causes clouds to flatten out., Higher temperatures cause more water to evaporate., Stronger winds result in fewer and thinner clouds.,
51. Debts started to build up when Mr Harris%27s building firm collapsed and he went #.
worsen, solve, confuse, identify,
52. What are tree planters asked to do?
, ,
53. It may lead strong companies into major new markets where they # experience and fail to achieve success.
learn, lack, require, realize,
54. There are many different ways of comparing the economy of one nation with # of another.
out, around, off, in,
55. # business, or the employees themselves? A more globalized economy has had an effect on employment. A large
indebted, owed, broken, bankrupt,
56. They started playing tennis three years ago.
had, gave, kept, said,
57. # of companies are now international, and one of them may decide that
leads, causes, takes, suffers,
overcharge, overspend, underpay, undercharge,
59. The presence of solid waste on road sides and river banks is mainly # to the shortage of collection and transfer vehicles.
fool, victim, prey, mess,
agree, cover, differ, charge,
61. A few days ago, I came across a very rare CD while I # for a gift to give to a friend.
awarded, won, received, presented,
62. To reduce the number of traffic, the government is proposing that drivers should only use their cars on alternate days.
thanks, because short answer questions , caused, due,
63. What does “this” in the second sentence of paragraph one refer to?
looked, was looking, had looked, had been looking,
64. What advice does Dr. Tree give Brenda Hill?
physic, physical, physics, physician,
65. Urged on by my husband, I applied for the job I had always dreamt of having it.
black beautiful velvet, velvet black beautiful, beautiful velvet black, beautiful black velvet,
66. What is suggested about teens and learning online?
as soon as, as far as create online quizzes , as well as, as long as,
67. # its offices from Germany to Poland, for example, is in its best
Might, Must, Would, Shall,
68. Click on the word or phrase that best completes each of the following sentences.
explode, exploded, exploding, to explode,
69. What is implied about superstorm Sandy?
should keep, should be kept, should have kept, should have been kept,
70. # their families to a new country or be told that their jobs are simply
had, have had, was having, had had,
71. The waiter said, %22If I were you, I%27d have a fish dish.”
Compared, Comparing, Compare, To compare,
72. Everybody heard the bomb #. It was a tremendous noise.
that, one, the one, that one,
73. # in the old Paris catalogue still give a lot of pleasure.
that, where, which, it,
74. Do you or your brother speak Korean? No, # of us does.
a so good cook, so good a cooker , such a good cook, such a good cooker,
75. #. That means employees who live and work in Germany may be asked to
another, the other, others, the others,
at, in, on, by,
77. “Do you know this neighborhood well?” “Yes. In fact, that’s the house in which I # my childhood.”
First, At first, Firstly, First of all,
78. # of their lives. But what is the cause of this trend? Is it a new economy, new ways of
either, neither web tool , not one, none,
spent, have spent, had spent, was spending,
80. Read the following passage about social networking and click on the correct answer to each of the questions from 1 to 5. Many parents may feel that social networking sites are a waste of their children’s time. But new research claims that the communication opportunities provided by social networking encourage young people to explore their interests, develop technical skills, and work on new forms of self-expression. The three-year-study was carried out by a University of California research team that interviewed over 800 teens, and conducted over 2,000 hours of online observations. It found that social networking helps teenagers learn the social and technical skills they need to be knowledgeable citizens in the digital age. The study concludes that social networking contributes to young people’s extended friendships and interests. While the majority of teens use social networking sites to “hang out” with people they already know in real life, some use them to find like-minded people. Those interested in chess or international politics, for example, can expand their social circle with others who share the same interests and can find information that goes beyond what they have access to at school. They can also publicize and distribute their music, art work, or writing to online audiences, and gain visibility and enhance their reputations. Teenagers create new modes of self-expression and rules for social behaviour online. New forms of online media allow them to acquire technical skills through creating videos, writing blogs, or customizing their online profiles. The researchers said teens usually respect one another’s authority online, and they are often more motivated to learn from one another than from their parents or other adults.
Much work, Many works , Much of the work, Many of the works,
That, It, This, What,
no more, any longer, no longer, any more,
83. Questions 22-23 refer to section B.
, quiz builder ,
84. She scored a GPA of 4.8 and was # the prize for the best performed student in her class.
remnant, remains, rest, reserve,
85. This time tomorrow we’ll be in the air over the Atlantic.
doing, making, setting, forming,
86. I never thought Mary would be #.
sum, amount, quantity, number,
87. Jane was suffered head injuries in the accident, but. after an MRI, she was found not to have sustained brain damage.
changing, moving, placing, founding,
88. Which texts mention specific tree species?
interest, profit, benefit, advantage,
89. How are thinner clouds formed?
restore, relocate, replace, readjust,
90. What does ‘it’ refer to in the last sentence of the first paragraph?
deleted, dismissed, eclipsed, eliminated,
91. As summer comes in, the demand for ice cream increases so the opportunities arise for the vendors to #.
economy, economic matching excercise , economical, economics,
92. Question 21 refers to section A.
proficiency, sufficiency, efficiency, deficiency,
93. The clock struck and the doors immediately opened.
each, every, either, whichever,