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The bogus official was so convincing he __ everyone __., We’ve had central heating and double glazing _____., The reporter _____ the details of the accident., The company was _____ by a larger competitor., She’s very intelligent. She _____ her mother. teaching , _____ the meaning of this word in the dictionary, Mr Tidy _____ his shoes and put on his slippers., Don’t be _____ by his manner. He’s really very shy., Can you ___ me ___ to the manager?, I can’t _____ his interference any longer., You can _____ four library books if you want to., The hotels were full so my friends ____ me ____., The company _____ five more sales assistants last month. assess performance , The police _____ a series of robberies in the area. improve results , I couldn’t _____ all the information at once., _____! He’s got a gun., Jennifer _____ her mother. They are both tall and slim, I _____ the building to see what repairs needed doing., I had to _____ £50 as a deposit., Dan took off his pullover and _____ his jacket., Excuse me, I_____ the police station, The mechanic _____ more than a hundred hours work., We had _____ the meeting until next week., Are you ready to __the responsibility of being a manager, This patient has a special nurse to _____ her at night., I’d like to _____ a proposal for improving sales., I _____ water skiing during a seaside holiday., I really _____ my drama teacher. She was my inspiration., She _____ her notes before the exam. grading , He’s really good at _____ people _____., James used a blanket to _____ the fire., They _____ her because of her poor clothes., I _____ seeing my friends again., I took the books off the table and ____ them ____., I _____ everything I said. I really enjoyed myself., The plane is due to _____ at 6 o’clock.,

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