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Rome Part 2 - Matching

Colosseum, Messiah, Pax Romana, Julius Caesar, Judaism, Paul, Latin, Virgil, Pantheon, triumvirate, Constantinople, Forum, barbarians generate answer keys , Constantine, aqueduct, Augustus Caesar,

new capital in Byzantium; located on Black Sea, declared self %22dictator for life%22; assassinated, an Apostle who spread Christianity, first emperor of Rome; defeated Marc Anthony, large arena in Rome for sporting events, emperor that made Christianity legal, rule by three, temple built to all Roman gods; became a church, carried fresh water to Rome, central gathering place for business in Rome, language of Rome; basis for Romance languages, Christians believe that Jesus was this, invaders of Roman empire borders, First religion to practice monotheism, wrote literature called the Aeneid build your own quiz , two centuries of peace and prosperity,