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NT: Lesson 3: Internetworking Servers

Daemon short answer questions , Buffer create online activities , Structured Query Language (SQL), Mailing List Manager (MLM), MIME ESL , Apache Server IIS , Logging, Test string used to reference data stored by application, Proxy Server, Mailing List Server, Print Server, POP3 IMAP, FIle Server, S/MIME, Mail Server class page , Print Queue,

Stores/forwards e-mails using serveral protocols, Unix/Linux program initiated at start up and runs in backgrnd, Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, Used to store and access e-mail messages, Stores print requests until passed to a printing device, Cache of memory to store frequently used data, Provides enhanced network security, Contains information about who uses server rsources, Secure version of MIME adds encryption to MIME data, Remote disk drive shared by other useers, Allows you to customize behavior of the mailing list, Allows multiple users to send print jobs to same physical device, Used to create and maintain high-performane databases, Common Web Servers, Data Source Name (DNS), Automatically forward an e-mail to distribution list,