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NT: Lesson 3: Internetworking Servers

Mailing List Server, Structured Query Language (SQL), Daemon, S/MIME, Apache Server IIS , FIle Server, Print Queue, Buffer online quizzes , Logging create online quizzes , Mail Server, Proxy Server, Test string used to reference data stored by application, Mailing List Manager (MLM), Print Server, POP3 IMAP, MIME,

Used to store and access e-mail messages, Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions mix questions , Contains information about who uses server rsources active teaching , Cache of memory to store frequently used data, Allows you to customize behavior of the mailing list, Common Web Servers, Unix/Linux program initiated at start up and runs in backgrnd, Secure version of MIME adds encryption to MIME data crossword maker , Stores print requests until passed to a printing device, Allows multiple users to send print jobs to same physical device learning , Used to create and maintain high-performane databases, Automatically forward an e-mail to distribution list, Stores/forwards e-mails using serveral protocols, Data Source Name (DNS), Provides enhanced network security, Remote disk drive shared by other useers,