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I can talk about holidays 2 (OWS Adv 21)

Choose the right words.

1. very successful
thriving, remarkably, vibrant, charm
2. full of activity or energy in a way that is exciting and attractive
vibrant, retain, spectacular, stunning
3. create online quizzes covered with round stones
cobbled, unwind, spectacular, retain
4. in an amount or to a degree that is unusual or surprising
remarkably, unique, thriving, unspoilt
5. very different from each other
diverse, retain, trek, cobbled
6. a personal quality that attracts people to you
charm, vibrant, stunning, spectacular
7. a long and difficult journey, made on foot as an adventure
trek, unwind, stunning, unique
8. to keep something or continue to have something
retain, scenery, remote, stunning
9. unusually good and special
unique, remarkably, spectacular, vibrant
10. far from towns or other places where people live
remote, diverse, vibrant, retain
11. not changed in a negative way
unspoilt, charm, scenery, trek
12. to relax and stop feeling anxious
unwind, trek, unique, scenery
13. to experience something which is unpleasant but necessary
undergo, retain, trek, cobbled
14. very impressive
spectacular, unwind, remote, cobbled
15. natural things such as trees and hills you can see in a place
scenery, unique educational games , diverse, remarkably