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Y4: Shroshim words - Unit 5

כּלה, יצב, מהר, ראה, ידע, יקח, לקח dynamic quiz , לון, רוץ, עלה, נלד, קום, דבר, יצא, הלך, עשה, נגד, ירד, היה, יכח, קרה, שתה, ברך, שקה, ערה distant learning ,

take, tell, bless crossword maker , appeared crossword maker , will be quiz generator , finish, lowered/ put down, born, drink, to happen create online tests , stand elearning , spend the night, take generate answer keys , ran, hurry, get up, get up class website , do/ make, go out, know, give to drink, go, speak crossword maker , prove, empty,