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Time Expressions - Idioms

Fill in the blanks with the best idioms from the selection provided.

1. %22I see you are still driving that old wreck. I thought you were going to buy a new car.%22 %22I am. We are going to lease. ______ it%27s actually cheaper to lease a car than to buy one.%22
Right off the bat online quizzes , In the long run, In no time flat, Once in a blue moon
2. %22We went shopping and left the iron on. It short-circuited and set the kitchen on fire. We arrived _____ to save the dogs.%22
out of the blue, on the double, just in the nick of time, for the time being
3. %22I%27ll be there in a minute. I just want to finish the email.%22 %22You%27d better forget the email and get in there _______. You know she hates to be kept waiting.%22
every now and then, on the double, right off the bat, just in the nick of time
4. %22What beautiful flowers, lucky you! I love flowers but I have to buy them for myself. My husband only sends me flowers _____. He can%27t even remember our anniversary.%22
out of the blue, once in a blue moon, for the time being, every now and then
5. improve results %22This DVD burner is making a funny noise and I need it right away. The last time this happened Jack fixed it _____.%22
right off the bat, just in the nick of time crossword maker , for the time being, in no time flat
6. %22I don%27t think the new boss is going to be very popular. On her first day she called a meeting, introduced herself and then, ____, she told us we%27d better start working or else.%22
out of the blue, in no time flat, right off the bat, in the long run
7. %22I%27ve just heard our department%27s moving to that new building on Laurier.%22 %22Yeah. ______ we moved. These old barracks are falling apart.%22
just in the nick of time, for the time being, right off the bat, it%27s long overdue (that)
8. %22Who told you that Jeff is leaving?%22 %22He did. We were having coffee this morning and ____ he announced that he was leaving to work at DND.%22
in no time flat, out of the blue, once in a blue moon, right off the bat
9. crossword maker %22Mr. Amed in Room 411 is asking if he can be released from hospital, doctor.%22 %22I%27m afraid not, nurse. I%27d rather keep him here ______, we want to run some more tests on him.%22
on the double, for the time being, in no time flat, in the long run