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First THREE Presidents

Match the description to the correct president.

George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, group_name4,

Creating a national bank, Marbury v. Madison, president who won the Election of 1800, Vice President: John Adams, judicial review first established, Secretary of State: Thomas Jefferson, president who had a peaceful transition, Alien and Sedition Acts, believed in loose constuction of the Constitution, XYZ Affair, used force to end a riot, size of the U.S. doubled under this president, He tried to discourage regional differences, Jay%27s Treaty, Pinckney%27s Treaty, Attorney General: Edmund Randolph, Secretary of War: Henry Knox, Lewis and Clark expedition, president who passed a law to silence critics, believed in strict constuction of the Constitution, Louisiana Purchase, educational activities Whiskey Rebellion, bought territory from France for $15 million, He warned against forming political parties, Hamilton%27s Plan, Chief Justice John Marshall served under him, set the precedent of neutrality, quiz builder Judiciary Act of 1789, French agents tried to bribe diplomats, civic virtue: came out of retirement to be president, Secretary of Treasury: Alexander Hamilton, He created harsh laws for immigrants,