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Pocket money and jobs (2)

Wybierz właściwe słowo lub zwrot.

1. kieszonkowe
pocket money results , other children, something special, every week
2. wiele dzieci
lots of children prepare quiz , too young, other children, at the weekend
3. około trzech funtów
about three pounds, other children elearning , something special, to do jobs at home
4. nie ma zasad
no rules, at the weekend, lots of children, other children
5. coś specjalnego
something special, lots of children, the most popular things, pocket money
6. inne dzieci
other children, to do jobs at home, to spend money, no rules
7. najbardziej popularne rzeczy
the most popular things, lots of children, at the weekend, too young
8. myć samochód
to wash a car, pocket money, about three pounds, lots of children
9. sprzątać pokój
to tidy a room, the most popular things, lots of children, to do jobs at home
10. w odgrodzie
in the garden, about three pounds, pocket money, to tidy a room
11. invite students wydawać pieniądze
to spend money, to wash a car, at the weekend, no rules
12. zbyt młody
too young, in the garden, pocket money, to spend money
13. wykonywać prace domowe
to do jobs at home educational activities , anyway, something special, to spend money
14. tak czy inaczej
anyway, about three pounds, to wash a car, to tidy a room
15. w weekend
at the weekend, other children printable , no rules, to tidy a room