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build up 21 t/m 30 fill in the gaps

1. grading As a scientist he has done a lot of _ (onderzoek)
research, science, subjects, explanation
2. My favourite _ (vakken) are Enlish and history.
subject, lessons, lesson, subjects
3. Oxford and Cambridge are _ (beroemde) universities.
important, difficult, famous, present
4. I think it was a good _ (besluit)
turn build your own quiz , decide, descision, decision
5. What does this English word _ (betekenen)
meaning, mean, drawing, refer to
6. Don%27t _ (storen) me. I%27m trying to concentrate.
disturb, strict, noise, pay attention to
7. I made _ (weinig) mistakes.
a few, some, few, any
8. He worked as a _ (concierge) at a secondary school.
poet, graduate, chapter, caretaker
9. learning The opposite of present is _ (afwezig)
not present, unpresent, absent, absence
10. online Do you have _ (toestemming) to come late?
permit, permission, compulsory, presentation
11. Eating is not _ (toegestaan)
alow, alow, alowed, allowed
12. I have to _ (huiswerk maken) every day.
do homework, homework web tool , make homework, work at home
13. Some teachers have _ (bijnamen)
nick name, nick names, nickname, nicknames
14. She speaks Dutch with a _ (buitenlands) accent.
foreigner, foreign, strange, strict
15. I have never _ (blijven zitten).
repeat a class, completed a class, repeated a class, reported a class
16. My mother does an evening _ (cursus) in English.
subject, course, of course, certificate
17. Is it a _ (schriftelijk) exam?
oral, writing, written, spoken
18. quiz builder My _ (gemiddelde) grade for English is 6.
rather, pass mark, average, glad
19. Do you know who wrote this _ (gedicht)?
novel, poet, comic, poem
20. Can you _ (lenen) me your book?
borrow, lend, copy, lent
21. Science books do not deal with _ (de werkelijkheid).
reality, really, the reality, the really
22. The opposite of useful is _ (nutteloos).
useles, useless, unuseful, empty
23. In Belgium many people are _ (tweetalig).
biro, capital, bilingual, fascinating
24. I%27m _ (iets zat zijn) this excercise!
fat up with improve results , deal with, compulsory, fed up with
25. His _ (uitspraak) is very good!
pronunciation, pronounce, sound, interruption
26. The days of the week are written with a _ (hoofdletter)
copy, capital, stress, emphasis
27. The word %22important%22 has three _ (lettergrepen)
syllabels, sylables, sylabels, syllables
28. The foreigner was translated by an _ (tolk)
translator, translate, chairman, interpreter
29. The letter was _ (ondertekend) by the manager.
sign, signature, signed, signatured
30. She speaks _ (vloeiend) English.
fluently, fluent, liquid, bilingual
31. He _ (gedroeg zich) badly at school.
behave, behaved, approved, obeyed
32. The opposite of %22polite%22 is _ (onbeleefd)
unpolite, onpolite, impolite, politeless
33. The teacher accepted her _ (excuus)
apology, apologise, polite, politely
34. This is my last _ (waarschuwing)!
punish, apology, rule, warning
35. online learning games The boy is always _ (pesten) the girl.
bullies, bullying, bulling, bully
36. quiz The _ (gastvrije) lady invited us to dinner.
hospitable, hospicable, dispicable, rude
37. A _ (tv- verslaafde) is a TV addict.
TV-addict, couch potato, detox centre, couch tomato
38. A teacher needs a lot of _ (geduld).
patience, patient, patients, patiences
39. The opposite of honest is _ (oneerlijk)
dishonest, unhonest, unfair, distrust
40. The opposite of trust is _ (wantrouwen).
untrust, unfair, distrust, doubt
41. learning My little sister is very _ (ondeugend)
rude, decent, spoiled, naughty
42. I feel it%27s my _ (plicht) to help her.
honour, rule, challenge, duty
43. online He is very _ (ijverig). He always does his homework.
diligent, naughty, decent, patient
44. This is my _ (zaak) and not yours.
busines, affair, duty, fuss
45. Grandmother always _ (verwennen) her grandchild.
spoil, spoils, neglect, offences
46. The _ (scheidsrechter) gave a red card.
judge class page , referee, spectator, opponent
47. The hockey match ended in a _ (gelijkspel).
defeat, challenge, neither, draw
48. There were thousands of _ (toeschouwers) at the football match.
spectators active teaching , spectator, watcher, opponents
49. invite students _ (geen van beide) of the teams won the match.
Either, Neither, No, draw
50. Their _ (verdediging) was not so good.
defend, defense, defence, defends
51. He is a _ (lid) of a swimming club.
part, member, hooligan, chairman
52. Wash your face and put on some _ (fatsoenlijke) clothes.
decent, fair, useful, rude
53. dynamic quiz The boxer knocked his _ (tegenstander) down.
referee, challenger, opponent, spectator
54. The first _ (nummer/onderdeel) was the 500 metres.
member, event, part, match
55. Team _ (geest) is very important.
ghost, spirit, mind, fair
56. So far we have had three _ (nederlagen)
defeats, defeat, draws, beats
57. We all _ (juichten) when the goal was scored.
cheer, cheered, whispered, clapped
58. english I _ (betwijfel) if he is telling the truth.
admit, trust, doubt, distrust
59. I must _ (erop wijzen) that your behaviour is very bad.
point at, point on it, point, point out