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Sewing Tools

Match the name of the sewing tool to the picture of the tool.

yardstick.jpg, , ,
2. This is the material you sew together to make clothes or crafts.
foot pedal, needle, hand wheel, pin cushion,
3. These are sharp cutting instruments used for cutting fabric.
foot pedal.jpg, , learning ,
4. Pressing on this item makes the needle go up and down on the sewing machine.
buttons, fabric online learning games , rubber, pillows,
5. This fabric item is used to keep dust off the sewing machine.
fabric.jpg, , ,
kite string, bread, thread,
thread.jpg, , ,
8. This is the colored string used to sew fabric together.
belts, buttons, ruffles class web page ,
9. This machine has a needle that goes up and down to sew pieces of fabric together.
buttons.jpg, , ,
shears, safety scissors, knitting needles,
11. These shaped items are sewn onto clothing to hold an opening together - like a shirt or pants. They have holes in them and are colored.
shears.jpg, , teacher ,
needle, pin, ripper,
sewing needle.jpg, , ,
protractor, yard stick, seam gauge,
seam gauge.jpg, , ,
16. Turning this round dial moves the needle up and down on the sewing machine.
shears, pins, ripper,
17. Small pointy items that are used to hold pieces of fabric together.
pins.jpg, , ,
18. A small stuffed shape that holds pins.
pin cushion, hanger, box,
pin cushion.jpg, , ,
plug, foot pedal, hand wheel,
21. This item is used by hand and holds thread to sew fabric together
handwheel.jpg, , ,
22. This is a 3 foot long ruler.
iron, sewing machine, car,
23. A small metal ruler used in sewing.
sewing machine.jpg, , ,
sewing machine cover, pillow, swiffer,
sewing machine cover.jpg, , ,