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Law and Order

1. In Scotland, you can legally leave school, marry without parental consent and get a moped license all at what age?
10, 12, 14,
2. A man in Germany who ate 2 mars bars a day sued the manufacturer after contracting diabetes and won.
5 years, 7 years, 10 years,
3. A woman in England recently won more £108,000 at the bingo, put it in the bank and then continued to sign on the dole. Is this legal?
USA, Britain results history , Australia,
4. A fancy dress robber robbed an old man of his pension at Ardrossan Post Office in 1998. What was the assailant dressed as?
Soup %26 bread, cheeseburger and fries , cigarettes and beer,
5. Year 2000: A guy from Ruchazie, Glasgow was sent down for 3 years for holding up an off-license, but what was his unusual weapon?
empty coke bottle, a child’s plastic sword, a lawnmower,
6. Every year the 999 number gets thousands of non-emergency calls. What is the most common type of caller?
Cowboy, Red Indian, Fred Flintstone,
7. What is (by far) the most popular day of the week for committing bank robberies in the US?
Monday, Wednesday , Friday,
8. In the UK, what year did it become compulsory to wear seat belts in the front seat of a car?
9. Is it legal for adult cyclists to ride their bikes on the pavement?
Illegal, Legal, Don%27t care either way,
10. On death row In the USA, what is most popular request for last meal?
Drunk people, Children create online activities , People who want the number of their local police station ,
11. Do most people in Britain think that prostitution should be legalised or kept illegal?
YES, NO, ,
12. A man killed his nephew in a drunken brawl but was legally absolved from the crime by simply getting speared through the legs fifteen times and being hit in the head by the dead man%27s sisters with a club. Where?
13. According to Scots Law – are you allowed to marry your mother’s sister?
14. In English law how long must a person be untraceable to be declared dead
16, 17, 18,
15. How old is Britain’s youngest convicted joyrider?
Winter, Summer, ,