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Network Acronyms

1. #What does IP stand for?
Asytric Digital Subscriber Line, Asymmetric Digital Line, Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, Asymmetric Subscriber Line,
2. #What does VoIP stand for?
Voice over LP (Voice over protocol), Speak over IP (Speak over internet protocol), Talk over IP (Talk over internet protocol), Voice over IP (Voice over internet protocol),
3. #What does ARP stand for?
Wireless LAN(Wireless Local Area Network), Wirls LAN(Wireless Local Area Network), Wireless LAN(Wireless Language Area Network), Wireless LAN(Windless Local Area Network),
4. #What does ISDN stand for?
Wide Area Network, Wide Angle Network, Wide Areas Network, Window Areas Network,
5. #What does APIPA stand for?
Lost Area Now, Local Area Networks online quizzes , Land Areas Nit, Local Area Network,
6. #What does LAN stand for?
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, Dog Host Configation Protocol, Dyslexic Hill Configuration Protocol, Dynamic Host Configation Protocol,
7. #What does STP stand for?
Donain Nill System, Domain Name System, Domain Names Systems, Domain Namey Snake,
8. #What does SAN stand for?
Internet Protocol, Internet Pratocol educational games , Internat Protocal, Internet Pratacal,
9. #What does UTP stand for?
Automotic Private IP Addressing, Automatic Private IP Addressing, Automatic Privates IP Addressing quiz , Automatic Private IP Addressing,
10. #What does WLAN stand for?
Address Resolution Protocol, Adresses Resoltion Protacal, Address Restion Protocol, Address Restions Protocols,
11. #What does WAN stand for?
Shielded twisted pair, Shieldes twister paer, Shielded twistes paires, Shielded twisters pairs,
12. #What does DNS stand for?
Unshielded twisted pair, Untwisted twister pear, Unshielded twisted paires educational games , Unshielden twister pears,
13. #What does DHCP stand for?
Storage Area Networks, Storage Area Network, Storagement Area Networks, Stopped Areas Network,