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End of Chapter Check Point

1. What is the transfer rate of USB 2.0?
7, 8 educational activities , 9, 10,
2. Which of the following is not an antivirus company?
Not short for anything, Basic Input/Output System educational activities , Binary Input/Output System, Bus Input/Output System,
3. How many devices can SCS1-1 support?,,,,
4. Which of the below is a type of memory that cannot have information written on it?
Blu-ray, CD create online activities , DVD, Floppy diskette,
5. Who created the first mouse?
Chkdsk, Disk Management, Device Management computer assisted language learning , Scandisk,
6. What is another name for a motherboard?
32MB, 64MB activity , 128MB, 256MB,
7. Which of the following is not a social network site?
eXtensive Markup Language, eXtensive Markup List, eXtensive Markup List, eXtensible Markup Language,
8. What command clears the screen in MS-DOS and the Windows command line?
keyboard, mouse, scanner, stylus,
9. What is XML short for?
browser, computer, operating system, web server,
10. Which of the below media types hold the most information?
DOS, HTML, Java help students assimilate material , PHP,
11. What is BIOS short for?
iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Vision,
12. Which part of the computer does an EIDE cable connect to?
Line sag, Line surge, Line noise web tool , All of the above,
13. What is the minimum memory requirements for Microsoft Windows XP?
14. What is Apache?
DB-15, Molex, PS/2, RJ-11,
15. Which of the below power line issues can cause problems with your computer?
Amazon, MySpace, Orkut, Twitter,
16. What does LOL stand for?
cd, clear online activities , cls, echo,
17. What is the input device primarily used with a PDA?
attrib, cd, ls, more,
18. Which of the below options is a type of connector used with a CD-ROM or other disc drive?
12Mbps, 64Mbps quiz generator , 256Mbps, 480Mbps,
19. Who developed the Apple 1?
AVG, Panda, Symantec, Xargon,
20. Which of the below is not a type of printer?
Floppy drive, Hard disk drive, Sound card, Video card,
21. Which below IP address would be used for a local network?
Bill Gates, Douglas Englebart, John Mauchly, Robert Noyce,
22. Which of the below is not a codec?
DivX, EVid, FLAC, XviD,
23. Where are the device drivers settings for Microsoft Windows stored?
Log off Laptop, Laughing out loud , Lack of laughter, Lag on laptop,
24. Which of the below is not related to the Internet and web development?
Bill Gates, Bill Jobs, Steve Palmer, Steve Wozniak,
25. Which of the below utilities allow you to view a drives partition information?
Bubble Jet printer, LED printer, Thermal printer, Microwave printer,
26. Where is the BIOS stored?
CPU, Fatherboard, Main board, System board,
27. Which of the below options is not an iPod Apple has released?
DRAM, RAM computer assisted language learning , ROM quiz generator , SRAM,