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School sports (2)

Wybierz poprawne słowo lub zwrot.

1. ważna część
an important part, team sports, really exciting, at some schools
2. życie szkolne
school life generate answer keys , all students, really exciting, every week
3. dzieci szkolne
schoolchildren, really exciting, an important part, every week
4. co tydzień
every week, traditional sports, fun for all children, an important part
5. online wszyscy uczniowie
all students, martial arts, other sports, fun for all children
6. sporty drużynowe
team sports, schoolchildren, all students, a martial arts instructor
7. mecze pomiędzy szkołami
matches between schools, a rugby team, team sports, at some schools
8. fajne dla wszystkich dzieci
fun for all children, matches between schools, team sports, a martial arts instructor
9. w niektórych szkołach
at some schools , an important part, at my school, all students
10. inne sporty
other sports, fun for all children create online activities , really exciting, traditional sports
11. sztuki walki
martial arts, traditional sports, a rugby team, other sports
12. trener sportów walki
a martial arts instructor, an important part, matches between schools, school life
13. bardzo ekscytujące
really exciting, every week, other sports, schoolchildren
14. sporty tradycyjne
traditional sports, team sportsstimulate your students , all students, a rugby team
15. drużyna rugby
a rugby team, at some schools , schoolchildren, every week