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1. An __________ designs houses
architect, secretary, worker, artist
2. A ___________ drives a taxi or a bus
pilot, cyclist, driver, policeman
3. A _________ flies a plane
pilot, driver, cyclist, astronaut
4. A ___________ types letters.
author, secretary, clerk, postman
5. active teaching A ____________ helps sick animals.
doctor, nurse improve results , vet, shop-owner
6. A ___________ runs a shop
clerk, architect, secretary, shop-owner
7. A___________ works in a bank /company.
shop-owner, clerk, dancer, customer
8. A______________ plays in musicals.
dancer, director, actor, author
9. A _____________ teaches students at a school.
secretary, artist, teacher, author
10. Somebody who doesn%27t eat meat or fish.
meat eater, fish eater, vegetarian, sweet eater
11. mix questions He works on a ship
sailor, worker, ship owner, engineer
12. I work like a _________. I work very hard
horse, dog, lion, cat
13. I always do the ___________ work. It%27s so boring
dog, goat, donkey, chicken
14. He is a great __________.He plays the role of Hamlet.
actress, artist, dancer, actor
15. Come on, get _________ to work. We have a lot to do.
off, up, down, on
16. We always have __________ at 6.30,after we finish work.
breakfast, lunch results , dinner , supper
17. I love cooking. They say I%27m very good ______ my job
in, with, on, at
18. Your food is delicious. Can I have a second _________?
aid, helping, part, piece
19. The capital city of Australia is __________.
Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth