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Final Exam Review

US and Britain, Age of Exploration, Bill of Rights, Religion, Assembly, Petition, Press, Speech, Mexico and US, Cotton Gin, Trail of Tears, Gold, Glory, God, Worchester v. Georgia, Fought between France and England for control over N.A. online , Lexington and Concord, Europe, Africa, Americas, Abolition movement, Louisiana Purchase, Said no colonists could move past the Appalachian Mountains, Marbury v. Madison,

Case that said Native Americans didn%27t have to follow state law, Supreme Court that established Judicial Review, French and Indian War, Three main reasons for exploration mix questions , The three points of the Triangle Trade, Time period when Europe sent explorers to America, First 10 amendments to the Constitution, Journey that Native Americans were forced to take, Worked to end slavery, Doubled the size of the US for $15 million, Proclamation of 1763, First Amendment, Nations who fought in the War of 1812, Opening battles of the American Revolution, Nations who fought in the Mexican War, Invented by Eli Whitney invite students ,