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NT: Lesson 2: TCP/IP and IP Classes

Definitions:, IP,, netstat create online tests ,, FTP, ping, SMTP,, ip config help students assimilate material , HTTP, DHCP create online tests , tracert / traceroute, ARP,,,

Reserved for future use, Basic data transfer used throughout internet., Shows contents of network e.g. state of system, Net-directed broadcast quiz generator , Provides TCP/IP clients with address %26 congfig info, Tests connectivity between two computers, Protocol used for transporting HTML files, DIsplays windows IP configuration, Used for transferring files between computers, Loopback address, Standard protocol for transferring e-mail messages, Invalid IP because host portion can%27t be all zeros, Determines the path between destination and source, Makes requests to translate IP address to MAC rosaddress, Invalid IP address because 3rd octet is higher than 255, Broadcast address,