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NT: Lesson 2: TCP/IP and IP Classes

Definitions:, tracert / traceroute, netstat, IP, ping,, ARP online learning games , HTTP create online activities , SMTP,,, DHCP,, ip config,, FTP,

Shows contents of network e.g. state of system, Net-directed broadcast, Used for transferring files between computers, Invalid IP address because 3rd octet is higher than 255, Tests connectivity between two computers, Invalid IP because host portion can%27t be all zeros, Provides TCP/IP clients with address %26 congfig info, Reserved for future use elearning , Broadcast address, Determines the path between destination and source, Protocol used for transporting HTML files, Loopback address, Basic data transfer used throughout internet., Standard protocol for transferring e-mail messages, DIsplays windows IP configuration, Makes requests to translate IP address to MAC rosaddress ESL ,