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Present Simple Passive, Future Simple Passive, Past Simple Passive, group_name4,

save time The big cake was baked by Sam., I%27m often asked her adress, All the trees were cut down yesterday., This novel was written by Hemingway, Pigs are used to find truffles., printable Mice are caught by cats, He was offered a new job last week, English is spoken all over the world, This quarrel will be forgotten in a few years%27 time, build your own quiz My pencil case was stolen the day before., This shirt was made in France., The dogs are keept in house., Milk is used to make butter and cheese., Her new book will be published next month, online activities Rainforests are cut down everywhere., The thieves were arrested by the police last week., class web page Her ring was found under the bed., I was offered an interesting job., I was given a good anvice., We were shown the way out., I was taken to the Zoo., The letter will be sent tomorrow., We were given some money., Money will be donated., The car will be washed., %22The key will be found don%27t worry%22, teaching His coin collection will be sold., The burglars will be put into prison., Tea must be served at 5 o%27clock., The nature must be protected.,