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Unit 5 LOOK! food slider

1. pieczony ziemniak
baked potato, cheese, chicken, beans
2. banan
banana, orange juice, orange, omelette
3. fasola
beans, salad, pear, pasta
4. burger
burger, beans, orange juice, baked potato
5. ser
cheese, pasta, fish, baked potato
6. english kurczak
chicken, lemonade, cheese, salad
7. frytki
chips, pasta, peach, baked potato
8. ryba
fish, burger, lemonade, orange juice
9. gorąca czekolada
hot chocolate, omelette, banana, chicken
10. lemoniada
lemonade, apple, fish, pasta
11. omlet
omelette, burger, baked potato, peas
12. makaron
pasta, chips, hot chocolate, orange
13. sok pomarańczowy
orange juice, omelette, banana, apple
14. brzoskwinia
peach, beans, omelette, banana
15. gruszka
pear, orange juice, peas, chicken
16. create online quizzes groszek
peas, burger, orange juice, chips
17. sałatka
salad, hot chocolate, burger, peas
18. pomarańczko
orange, banana, peas, hot chocolate