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Semester 1 Final Review

1. class page The following sentence is an example of what type of voice? %22The fire was extinguished.%22
No Voice, Active Voice, Passive Voice, Quiet Voice
2. grading Which sound device is evident in the following example? %22Alice’s aunt ate apples and acorns around August.%22
Assonance, Consonance, Alliteration, Onomatopoeia
3. Which sound device is defined by this statement? %22Repetition of vowel sounds in the middle of words%22
Assonance, Consonance, Alliteration, Rhythm
4. A GERUND is a verb functioning as a noun with what type of ending?
-ed, -ing, -es, -s
5. In a passive voice sentence, the subject _______ the action.
writes about, dances around, does, receives
6. Aesop was a slave in Ancient Greece who created what type of stories?
fables, short stories, epic poems, novellas
7. What types of sounds are repeated in sentences that exhibit CONSONANCE?
consonant sounds, vowels sounds, scary sounds, animated sounds
8. How many feet - or pairs of syllables - are found in a line of iambic pentameter?
4 improve results , 5, 6, 3
9. In iambic pentameter, which type of syllable comes first in each pair?
stressed, unstressed, ,
10. In terms of Julius Caesar, which of the following is NOT the name of one of the members of the Second Triumvirate?
Lepidus online quizzes , Octavius, Mark Antony, Marallus
11. T/F - The following line from Julius Caesar is written in iambic pentameter. %22Poor Brutus, with himself at war,%22
True, False, ,
12. Who is the last conspirator to stab Caesar?
Mark Antony, Brutus, Casca, Cassius
13. test In his funeral speech, what does Mark Antony display, revealing a different side of Caesar?
Caesar%27s will, Caesar%27s pillow pet create online tests , Caesar%27s armpit hair, Caesar%27s cavities
14. In The Iliad, which Greek god showers the Greek army with poisonous arrows because of the conflict over the war prizes?
Apollo, Athena, Ares, Dionysus
15. Which character in The Iliad approaches the enemy%27s camp in an attempt to retrieve his son%27s body?
King Priam, King Midas, Caesar, King Agamemnon
16. Where does Achilles fatally stab Hector?
in the knee, in the neck area, in the ear, in between the shoulder blades
17. Person versus Society is which type of conflict?
External, Internal, ,
18. When Achilles considers harming King Agamemnon during their dispute over the war prizes, he experiences an _____ conflict.
Internal - Person versus Self, External - Person versus Person, Internal - Person versus Person, External - Person versus Society
19. Why is Oedipus so concerned with the identity of King Laius%27 murderer?
he needs to solve a puzzle educational activities , he needs to put an end to the plague, he needs to discover the prophecy, he needs to win a bet with his buddies
20. The following statement defines what type of irony? %22When a reader%27s knowledge of the play surpasses that of the characters%27 knowledge%22
Dramatic Irony, Verbal Irony, Situational Irony, Sarcasm
21. Which of the following is NOT one of the ways in which Oedipus is punished for his actions regarding the prophecy?
self-inflicted eye gouging, exilement , death,
22. Which of the following vocabulary words from The Tragedy of Julius Caesar does NOT have a negative connotation?
conspirator, tyrant, portentous, affable
23. An appositive is a noun or noun phrase that renames or clarifies a _____ right beside it.
noun, verb, adverb, adjective
24. This term means “a pattern or model repeated throughout literature and movies...”
archetype, conflict, irony, characterization
25. teaching Which archetype best represents Prince Humperdinck’s character in The Princess Bride?
the Devil figure, the hero, the mentor , the loyal retainer
26. Which type of irony is evident when Oedipus flees Corinth in an attempt the escape the prophecy? (Consider the true outcome.)
Dramatic Irony, Situational Irony, Verbal Irony, Sarcasm
27. What type of play is Shakespeare%27s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar?
Tragedy, Comedy printable , History, Sarcastic