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Y6: Vocab 1 (Shemos 1:1-7)

1. computer assisted language learning יצא
go out , To..., man, increase
2. מות
die, increase, name, brother
3. generate answer keys רבה
increase, brother, and, his
4. web tool מלא
fill, go out , land, thigh
5. שֵׁם
name, generation, increase, they
6. אִישׁ
man, plural (f), To..., his
7. distance learning בַּיִת
house, plural (f), man, thigh
8. נֶפֶשׁ
soul, increase, seventy, land
9. אֶרֶץ
land, and, go out , generation
10. יֶרֶך
thigh, his, man, brother
11. שִׁבְעִים
seventy, come, name, plural (f)
12. אָח
brother, increase, seventy, house
13. דוֹר
generation, plural (f), soul, go out
14. וֹ___
his language , and, plural (m), seventy
15. online learning games וֹת____
plural (f), land, die, his
16. וּ_____
they, fill, plural (m), generation
17. ____וּ
and, plural (m), brother, To...
18. ים_____
plural (m), soul, plural (f), thigh
19. ה_[place]_
To..., plural (m), brother, thigh