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Y6: Chazoro of Perek Aleph

In, possuk ט is , Rashi explains that %22אשר לא ידע:%22 means that , Q. What were פִּתֹם and רַעַמְסֵס? teaching , לֹא־יָדַע, וַיְִּשְׁרצוּ class web page , In possuk ט, the word עם refers to save time , אשר לא ידע: Rashi says test , וִַתָּמֵּלא הָאֶרץ אָֹתם, A king arose over Egypt test , שְׂנֵאינוּ, עֵרי, Of course the new king knew about Yosef but, פּרוּ, %22When war comes, they will be added to our enemies%22 online quizzes , Yosef, 70 souls went out of the thigh of Yaakov... interactive , וּ at theend of a word means..., In possuk ט, Par%27oh was worried because, וַיִּרְבּוּ, על מְצָרִים, Par%27oh%27s main fear in possuk י is that, נְִתַחְכָּמה let us deal ____ (חָכָם), אֶשׁר, יו at theend of a word means..., To deal with the threat, the Egyptians..., War will come, they%27ll join our enemies, battle against us..., The new king..., In possuk ט, the word עמּוֹ refers to , The new king, What did בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל build?, מאֹד, Par%27oh: %22They%27ve become larger and stronger...%22, הַהוּא, How many souls went to Egypt?, The pesukim are all in singular because..., פּרוּ וַיְִּשְׁרצוּ וַיִּרְבּוּ generally means that..., וַיַעצְמוּ, אישׁ וֵּביתוֹ בּאוּ:, Yaakov,

He acted as if he didn%27t know Yosef, the Egyptians mix questions , refers to the עַם of בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל which is one group, עֵרי מְסְכּנוֹת לַפְרעֹה, Par%27oh %22made himself%22 (acted) as if he didn%27t know Yosef, %22the land was filled with them%22, did not know, The Bnei Yisroel will join Egypt%27s enemies in a war active teaching , ...and go up from the land, wisely, Bnei Yisroel grew very big, and they became strong, מֶמּנּוּ (than us), that, that, our enemies prepare quiz , his, they were fruitful web tool , cities of, was in Egypt invite students , Bnei Yisroel had become very big and very strong create online activities , Par%27oh is speaking to his people (Egyptians), A. store cities, they, 70, וְָהָיה כּי תְִקֶראָנה מְלָחָמה וְנוַֹסף גַּם הוּא על שְׂנֵאינוּ, had 70 souls (70 descendents) who left Egypt, וַיָּקָם מֶלֶךְ־חָדָשׁ, עשה עצמו כאלו לא ידע:, ...appointed officers over them, didn%27t know Yosef, very, and they swarmed, over Egypt, each man and his house, they came, and they increased, and Yosef was in Egypt, the Bnei Yisroel, did not know Yosef,