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Y5: Chumash: Unit 10: Q%27s Review - Possuk 1 - 3

This is a short quiz to review of Possuk Aleph. There is a time limit of 60 seconds for each question, so you should have the Chumash in front of you before you begin. TIP: almost all questions have only one correct answer. But if more than one answer is correct, this will be indicated in the question itself to make it easier for you. WARNING: If a question does need more than 1 answer, and you do not identify both/all correct answers, you will not score ANY points on that question.

1. Who is פָסוּק א talking about?
יִצְחָק interactive , יַעֲקֹב, יוֹסֵף , יוֹסֵף’s brothers
2. “וַיֵּשֶׁב יַעֲקֹב” means
And יַעֲקֹב lived dynamic quiz , And יַעֲקֹב sat, And יַעֲקֹב said, And יַעֲקֹב Shev’d
3. Where does the פָסוּק say that Yaakov lived? (2 answers)
Mitzrayim, Eretz Cana’an, Eretz Yisroel, The land of his father’s journeys
4. Who was Yaakov’s father?
אַבְרָהָם, יִצְחָק, יַעֲקֹב, יוֹסֵף
5. Yaakov lived “בְּאֶרֶץ מְגוּרֵי אָבִיו”. This means…
In the land of the journeys of his father, In the land of the journey with his father, In the land of the eatings of the Aviv, In the lands of his fathers
6. “Yaakov lived in the land of the journeys of his father”. We know how to translate it, but what does this MEAN? (2 answers)
יַעֲקֹב lived where יִצְחָק had travelled around (Eretz Yisroel) class website , יִצְחָק was in golus so he was always considered as “travelling”, יַעֲקֹב lived in the airport, יַעֲקֹב went to live in his father’s old home
7. Where were Yaakov and his family living at this time?
Beis El, Choron, Beis Lechem, Kiryas Arbah
8. According to פָסוּק ב, How old was יוֹסֵף?
27, 37, 17, 77
9. (2 answers) How does פָסוּק ב describe יוֹסֵף?
A lad, A man educational games , A dreamer, A shepherd
10. Who does the פָסוּק tell us יוֹסֵף was a shepherd with? (2 answers)
בְּנֵי בִלְהָה, בְּנֵי זִלְפָּה, בְּנֵי דִינָה, בְּנֵי רָחֵל
11. What did יוֹסֵף do wrong, according to פָסוּק ב?
He told his father gossip about them, He came to his father, He brought them to his father, He told his brothers his dreams
12. According to Rashi, who was this דִּבָּתָם רָעָה about?
בְּנֵי בִלְהָה, בְּנֵי זִלְפָּה, בְּנֵי רָחֵל, בְּנֵי לֵאָה
13. What does Rashi ask on אֵלֶּה ׀ תֹּלְדוֹת יַעֲקֹב?
Why do we care who יַעֲקֹב%27s children are? quiz generator , Why does it say %22תֹּלְדוֹת%22 and then only mention יוֹסֵף?, Why doesn%27t the פָסוּק mention אַבְרָהָם and יִצְחָק?, If this is the story of יוֹסֵף, why are we talking about יַעֲקֹב?
14. What was Rashi%27s answer?
יַעֲקֹב and יוֹסֵף were so similar that the %22generations%22 of יַעֲקֹב is יוֹסֵף, Rashi did not give an answer, We only have an interesting story about יוֹסֵף., יוֹסֵף was the only important son of יַעֲקֹב
15. How does פָּסוּק ג refer to יוֹסֵף%27s father?
יַעֲקֹב english , אָבִיו, יִשְׂרָאֵל, It does not refer to him
16. According to פָּסוּק ג, why did Yaakov love Yosef more than all the other brothers?
Because he was his בֶן־זְקֻנִים, Because he made him a כְּתֹנֶת פַּסִּים, Because he looked like him, Because יַעֲקֹב and יוֹסֵף had similar lives
17. According to Rashi, what does בֶן־זְקֻנִים mean? (3 answers)
Yaakov had Yosef when he was very old, Yaakov taught Yosef all the Torah he had learned, Yosef looked like Yaakov, Yosef was Yaakov%27s favourite son
18. learning What did Yaakov make for Yosef?
Chocolate milk, A coat of fine wool, A crown, A delicious meal of venison
19. Rashi says that this “כְּתֹנֶת פַּסִּים” does not ONLY mean a shirt of fine wool. According to Rashi, what else does this word (פַּסִּים) mean?
It hints at the stages of Yosef being sold, It hints that the Jews will be slaves to Par%27oh, A multi-coloured coat, It does not mean anything else