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Internal vs. External Fertilization and Development

Internal Fertilization, External Fertilization, Internal Development, External Development,

Gametes join inside the female body, Type of fertilization used by birds and dragon flies, Decreased chance of fertilization, Requires specialized organs and often mating rituals, Requires water and a large number of gametes, Development w/increased chance of offspring survival, Type of development in viviparous animals, Type of development in oviparous animals, Parents don%27t need to be present at same time, Fertilization method of sponges, coral, and frogs, Increased chance of fertilization w/fewer sex cells, Both parents need to be present for fertilization, Type of fertilization in birds, mammals, and reptiles, Type of development uses more energy from parent, Development of birds, frogs, reptiles, Development of mammals, Specialized organ to hold developing egg, online activities Development occurs inside parent%27s body, Development requires water or a shell (if on land), Parent does not have to be present for development,