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1. No, she%27s an exchange student.
Is she a teacher?, Is she from India?, Where is she from? web tool , What%27s her address?,
2. He has 1 brother and 1 sister.
What does she do?, Is she a salesclerk?, Is she married?, Where does she work?,
3. Robby is Richard%27s brother.
What%27s his address?, What%27s his information?, Where%27s he from?, What%27s his e-mail address?,
4. The USA
What%27s her address?, What%27s his address?, What%27s your address?, What%27s my address?,
5. Robby Steward
What does he do?, Does he work for Richard?, Where does he work?, Where does he live?,
6. He%27s an exchange student.
Does he have any brothers or sisters?, Does he has any brothers or sisters? invite students , Does he have any children?, Is he married?,
What do you do?, What does he do?, What does she do?, Is she an accountant?,
8. She lives at 46 Riverdale Avenue.
Where%27s Robby?, What%27s Robby?, Who%27s Robby?, When is Robby?,